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SealStop units have sharp edges and rotating elements. Do not touch or step on SealStop units. They are slippery, wet or dry, and may pose a trip hazard which can lead to injury or loss of life. Installed areas should be clearly marked and warning signs should be installed to alert about these  dangers.

SealStop shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, SealStop products or the performance of the products, even if SealStop has been advised of the possibility of such damages.




Finally, no seals or sea lions!

After years of testing, research and numerous refinements, we are introducing SealStop as the premium sea mammal deterrence system.

Highly intelligent, seals will try -most of the time successfully- to overcome any obstacle in their way to a dry spot where they loose significantly less energy in keeping their bodies warm.

Most common seal deterrents used today are physical barriers, sprinklers and sound or chemical devices.

Some physical barriers are effective; but, they often result in a barrier to the user himself, limiting access and usability. They can be expensive, elaborate, cumbersome and, unfortunately, too often an eyesore. And, some barriers can be outright dangerous to the animals as well as to humans and pets!

Water sprayed on seals is effective; but, these systems can be complicated, need constant water pressure and/or power and require maintenance.

Professional sound or chemical devices are expensive, need constant power and, can represent an acoustic or chemical pollution.

SealStop works on a different concept.

SealStop does not preclude animals from hauling out but makes it very irritating and uncomfortable for them to stay on. They get off the area quickly and remember to avoid it in the future.

What is SealStop?

SealStop is a patented new system to deter marine mammals like seals, sea lions and other pinnipeds from hauling out on vessels and surfaces.

SealStop consists of unobtrusive, compact units with rotating spinner elements, slightly larger than the size of a tennis ball.

SealStop can be installed on boats, docks. buoys and other surfaces prone to haul-outs in a variety of ways either as a permanent or a temporary solution.

SealStop does not need any power, water, chemicals or maintenance.

SealStop blends in easily with its compact size and different colors. Installed areas stay accessible and usable. Units are low-profile, widely spaced and you can step with shoes on and between them.

SealStop does not harm the animals and does not represent a barrier or a danger to humans, pets and an eyesore to the environment.

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