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SealStop units have sharp edges and rotating elements. Do not touch or step on SealStop units. They are slippery, wet or dry, and may pose a trip hazard which can lead to injury or loss of life. Installed areas should be clearly marked and warning signs should be installed to alert about these  dangers.

SealStop shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, SealStop products or the performance of the products, even if SealStop has been advised of the possibility of such damages.




How and where does SealStop work?

SealStop concept works by not trying to preclude the animals from hauling out but by making it very irritating and uncomfortable for them to stay on.

They get off the area quickly and remember to never come back in the future.

SealStop will not harm the seals and does not represent a danger or a barrier to humans, pets or the environment.

SealStop can protect swim steps, bows, foredecks, cockpits, gunwales, docks, piers, floats, buoys and all other marine surfaces from becoming a dirty and foul-smelling sun bathing area for seals.

SealStop can be installed on almost any surface with a variety of simple installation methods.

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SealStop has a multitude of custom products for any particular situation. SealStop protects docks, piers, boats, buoys and any other maritime surfaces.  

How durable is SealStop?

SealStop can be left installed for years without any precaution or maintenance.

SealStop is designed and manufactured in California and we pay great attention to utilize U.S. manufactured goods and materials only, including packaging.

SealStop is manufactured from Marine Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and quality stainless steel hardware.

SealStop will not splinter, crack, delaminate, rot, swell or absorb water and is UV-stabilized to resist damage after years of direct sunlight exposure.

Even under heavy usage, SealStop units will remain virtually maintenance free for years to come.

How is SealStop installed?

SealStop can be screwed down on a substrate or use ratchet straps for an easily removable solution.

Visit our installation page for more information.

You can utilize your own materials or obtain marine-grade hardware from us.

Where can we buy SealStop?

You can purchase online on our purchase page or over the phone.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal or checks. Visit our purchase page for prices and information.

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