Q1:   How and where does SealStop work?

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SealStop concept works by not trying to preclude the animals from hauling out but by making it very irritating and uncomfortable for them to stay on.

They get off the area quickly and remember to never come back in the future.

Seals thoroughly inspect any area before hauling out. Rows of pointy spinners make them hesitant and wary to haul out onto the surface. Some will try it carefully and will abandon it right there once they feel the stars.

For the insistent seals, which can haul out, the spinner elements make it very irritating and uncomfortable to step or lay down on the units. The elements, however, do not harm the animals as they rotate freely with the animal’s movements and their points are rounded and shallow. Some stubborn bulls can withstand a short while, turning and twisting in trying to avoid the pressure points but they all ultimately leave too, never to return.

SealStop will not harm the seals and does not represent a danger or a barrier to humans, pets or the environment.

SealStop can protect swim steps, bows, foredecks, cockpits, gunwales, docks, piers, floats, buoys and all other marine surfaces from becoming a dirty and foul-smelling sun bathing area for seals.

SealStop can be installed on almost any surface with a variety of simple installation methods.

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SealStop has a multitude of custom products for any particular situation. We protect buoys of any size and shape, floating docks, Navy boats, Coast Guard docks.