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SealStop units have sharp edges and rotating elements. They are slippery, wet or dry, and may pose a trip hazard. Installed areas should be clearly marked or warning signs should be installed to alert about these  dangers. SealStop shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the products on this site or the performance of the products, even if SealStop has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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N E W S :

SealStop protects commercial pier in

Contra Costa County.

NOAA is evaluating SealStop to be used in government harbors.

SealStop on National Park Service docks

in Oxnard.

"PAE/CR purchased a Seal Stop design in early 2014 and installed a prototype on small mooring buoy #3 in Wilson Cove for evaluation.  This system, designed for the small mooring buoys, was extremely effective in keeping the Sea Lions off of the buoys.  We have purchased and installed a Seal Stop system for the remaining three small mooring buoys.  This system continues to be extremely effective."

Kenneth Bright

PAE/SCORE Division, SCI Support Sect. Supervisor

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SealStop was installed on a commercial supply pier to stop  the damage to lower braces of the pier caused by sea lions.

No sea lions were observed after installation.

Click on image to see before and after situation.

SealStop on NPS docks stops the damage to the docks caused by sea lions.

No sea lions were observed after installation.

Click on images for enlarged pictures.

SealStop keeps Naval buoys sea lion free on San Clemente Island.

"Overall the Seal Stop system concept appears to effectively prevent the animals from accessing the craft.  I believe that this product would be highly effective."

Kenneth Bright

PAE/SCORE Division

SCI Support Sect. Supervisor

"We'll be watching closely to see how well the system deters the seals, but the sealions have reduced in numbers dramatically in the past two weeks."

"So far, the dock you outfitted seems to be staying clear of the sealions for the most part.  We think the ones that do end up on the dock are coming from across the hard dock.  But all the other docks we do not have Seal Stop on have been hit hard by sealions still!"


Sergeant Keith Matthews #102

Marine Unit

San Francisco Police Department

Homeland Security Unit


SealStop on SFPD floating docks.

SealStop on Santa Barbara Harbor buoy.

"I’m writing to express our satisfaction related to the trial installation of your Sealstop product on a regulatory buoy just east of Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara.  Since its installation on November 14, 2012, we’ve observed no sea lions resting on that buoy as they had in the past."



Mick Kronman

Harbor Operations Manager

City of Santa Barbara

SealStop keeps Navy speed boats free from sea lions on San Clemente Island.